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I learned very early that there are occasions in life that are unfair and unexplainable, yet they still lead to horrible, life altering consequences. However, I also learned what it takes to overcome such hardships. My Uncle Steve has battled drug dependency throughout my entire life. His strength, both mentally and physically, courage, and determination to power through his addictions, face his fears, and turn his life around have influenced and inspired me in amazing ways. Throughout my athletic career I’ve looked up to my uncle’s example to get me through frustrations that come with being on extremely competitive softball teams. I remember times when I’d be in a hitting slump while it seemed like the rest of my teammates were batting 1.000, thinking of my uncle’s strength to triumph over adversity I quickly snapped out of it. Reminding myself that a slump is just a sump, it will not last forever and I will be better coming out the other side, just like Uncle Steve. I went to practice confident that I was the best hitter on the team and within a month, I was. Approaching every situation with positivity is one of the most relevant lessons he ever taught me. He has inspired me to wake up ready to conquer the world with optimism. I recall times in my life when being optimistic was the single hardest thing I had to do. The normal insecurities of a thirteen year old girl where spotlighted and put on stage when I started eighth grade in a new school, new state with brand new people. My uncle used to call me asking about my day; “scary” I would tell him. Every day was a struggle to keep my head up and talk to strangers, to have Uncle Steve-like courage. The courage to face some of my biggest fears and to believe so strongly in myself that other people couldn’t help but believe in me too. I began to attend church as a source for, not only gaining an amazing base for friendship and to strengthen my relationship with the Lord, but also to fill my life with service and giving back to others. Looking at my uncle’s childhood, makes me realize how truly blessed I am and how I should share my blessings with others. By preforming service I have gained a fullness and gratification that only helping others can give. Service has helped shape and enrich my life in countless ways, my passion for giving back to others would never