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HIM 6667 Foundation in Management Information Systems
Week 7 Assignment

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Topic 1. (70 points)
This week’s topic studies the delivery of decision support (DDS) through “e-” applications. As we seen in a previous session, healthcare DDS are built to assist clinicians and/or administrators to carry out important decisions and improve patient satisfaction, profitability and reduce medical errors. DDS operate under the premise of providing the right information and knowledge for the right patient at the right time. Implementing a successful DDS encompasses all concepts we have discussed in previous sessions such as sponsorship, managing change, outsourcing, data standards, security and privacy.
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| 3. | Individual hospitals had to run and mail individual reports. This does not improve the collaboration amongst multiple locations. | 4. | The flat-file-based case management system means there are usually no structural relationships between the records. |
The second generation DDS (1990-1990) was developed as a hierarchical database. It had user controlled reporting capabilities available through a WAN to all members of ZZZ. It was interfaced each night with all member hospitals to accept updated patient financial and clinical information and thus, generate aggregate historical data to support analyses for operational, managerial and strategic decisions.
2a. Use the table below to describe the operational, managerial, and strategic advantages that the second generation DDS offered to ZZZ. Justify your answers (10 points)

Second generation DDS - Advantages Operational advantages | This system allowed for day-to-day activities to be conducted in a more efficient manner. Its reporting capabilities allowed for a more cohesive care for patients visiting multiple locations within the organization. | Managerial advantages | Implementing this system allowed for tasks to be expedited, leading to the better utilization of resources. This lead to an increase in profits and allowed for better allocation of personnel’s time. Medical errors can be decreased when management personnel have access to updated patient information. | Strategic advantages | This system