Major in Success Essay

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The book Major in Success, by Patrick Combs, is an interesting guide to analyzing and reflecting on one’s own state of mind and true feelings within life. Combs clearly states his purpose and point of view in regards to why he chose to write the book in the first place in second paragraph of the first chapter. The term extraordinary drive, described as the “magic ingredient that will make your dreams come true,” sets the tone of the book that really engages the reader in a rollercoaster ride of critical thinking in regards to the text. The early chapters of the book focused on creating awareness to the idea that being truly successfully results from choosing a job that sparks passion, risk, and excitement in life. Combs gave excellent …show more content…
I found that Combs solution to the “What If?” scenario was never completely covered and is a crucial factor if the type of situation would occur for a student. Reading Major in Success helped to stimulate my mind and analyze my perspective of success and decision-making. I greatly value all of the suggestions I have gained and take that knowledge into consideration while focusing on a career towards success. There were some parts of the book that quickly jumped out at me that virtually forced me to compare it to the real life scenario. Combs see an example of this in the discussion of grades under completely absurd circumstances: “Amy wrote a tremendous paper that demonstrated incredible comprehension of the subject matter, but she had too many grammatical errors so she got a C”. One of the topics that were heavily discussed within the book is the fear that individuals must face in order to reach success. Combs concentrates on the six main fears that plague human emotions and the confidence individuals must possess to face those fears and reach success. I understand the concept of needing to face your fears in order to grow but this is something that is easier said than done. As a result of reading this book, it has convinced me that I will eventually need to face my fears to achieve my dream job and goals within