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Arts Experience Writing Assignment
The music performances I saw at the Recital Hall were a unique and different experience for me. The classical pieces are not music that I normally listen to on a daily basis. The pieces contain no lyrics yet it still relates to the audience. The music provokes emotions in the audience. I experienced this firsthand when I listened to the first performance “Divertimento in D Major, K. 136.” The song was well balanced by the accompaniment of the violin, viola and bass. It created a comforting and peaceful atmosphere. The sounds were soothing. The violin’s part was the most unique to me as the violin started off sweet and soothing then toward the climax of the piece, the violin had such an impactful part. The two violinists in the performance were exceptional. I do not think there is a need for more violinists because if there were more violinists, the sound of the violins would have overpowered the viola and the double bass. I do believe that there are emotions associated with the music. Like I mentioned, the first performance made be feel at peace because the string instruments are not as loud and the sounds created from these instruments flow out more delicately then those of a bass drum or trumpet. Different instruments also create a different atmosphere. For example, in “Quatuor de Saxophones,” the different sounds from the different saxophones create a different atmosphere. Although the notes played were in the same time signature as