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The film review of <inside job>
A few weeks ago, our business English teacher madam peng led us watching a film which named <inside job>, what a penetrating name! The film is a bit long, we spent almost 2 hours to appreciate it. At the beginning, I was enjoy the opening, a very happy opening, I thought I was in the wall street or some places like it, absolutely I felt the sense of passion. But, the international financial crisis was broken up quickly. that is the background of the film.
The <inside job> was contented with many well known persons, like Ben Bernanke, Lawrence Summers, Frederic Mishkin and so on, some of them analyzed the reason of financial crisis, the others are key factors of that. The director used the manner of making up interview video to express the main idea of the film. I have to say that is a great creative action.
The film is aim to expound the reasons and affections of international financial crisis. ‘And, you know, when those dreams turn out to be nightmares other people pay for it.’ This sentence is the substance of the film. In the one hand, the smart people in wall street control the financial market. Their original goal was get money, yes, get money as more as possible, they won’t think about the things they do will bring how terrible effects to the ordinary people, who may lost their cars , house, jobs even though happiness. In the other hand, the government should be in charge of the financial crisis, due to their fault