Internet and Instant Messaging Essay

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Unit 1

Each chapter has a theme:
1 Let’s communicate!
2 On the move
3 Entertain me – what to buy?

Living in a Digital World

4 Smart working
5 Shopping experience!
6 Let’s revise! Health and well-being and a character who needs your help, like Krista.



This unit helps you to prepare for the exam at the end of Unit 1 – you can use the book to refer to while you work or discuss different issues in class.
The book works alongside digital files that can be saved onto your computer system. You will launch the digital assets such as quizzes, interactive activities and websites from pages that look like these in your book.

1 Let’s communicate!
In this chapter you will consider…

The digital devices that Ruby uses and how they can help her to balance her school and social life.

Mobile phones.

Email and instant messaging.

Portable devices such as netbooks, laptops and PDAs.

The files you will use in this section are listed here:

Voice over Internet protocol.

By completing this chapter you should be able to achieve the following learning outcomes…

Discuss the features of digital devices.

Understand how to use the technology safely and ef ciently.

Understand the health issues associated with these devices.

Understand the impact of the digital divide on individuals and on society as a whole.

In this chapter there is information and activities that will help you to practise the following Functional ICT Skills:
Level 1
Using ICT

Select and use software applications to meet needs and solve straightforward problems. Demonstrate how to minimise the risk of computer viruses.

Finding and selecting information

Apply editing, formatting and layout techniques to meet needs, including text, tables, graphics, records, numbers, charts, graphs or other digital content.
Demonstrate understanding of the need to stay safe and to respect others when using ICTbased communication.
Combine information within a publication for print and viewing on-screen.
Check for accuracy and meaning.

Interactive activities:


etask 1.13.swf etask 1.18a.swf etask 1.18b.swf etask 1.20.swf


Worksheet 1.1.doc
Mobile phone features.doc

In this chapter you have been learning about digital devices such as mobile phones, netbooks, laptops and
PDAs. You have also looked at some of the things we use digital devices for such as email, instant messaging, sur ng the Internet and social networking. As a ‘savvy’ user of ICT you will understand the need