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The web works by forms of web architecture. These are: Internet Service Providers (ISP), Web hosting services, Domain Structure, Domain name registrars and worldwide web.

Web Architecture
For a website to be accessed on the internet it needs to initially be uploaded on to a webserver. Firstly, the process of uploading involves a protocol called FTP (file transfer protocol). Ftp’ing can be done using a browser of through programs such as CuteFTP. Moreover, when webpages are uploaded onto a webserver, all other associated files should also be uploaded with it. These associated files are elements such as images, videos and sound files. This leads to having to upload them as they are not embedded to the website but linked, they remain separate entities.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
Internet service provides supplies broadband to customers. They link the webserver to the rest of the internet for it to be accessed by users. ISP’s provide different Mbs which you can choose from packages that are offered by them by a variety of prices. All service providers have different packages with different upload and download speeds. In the figure below I have compared two different ISPs (Virgin Media and Primus Saver) to show how similar yet different their packages can be.

Webhosting Services
Website hosting services are facilities that help your webpage be available to the internet. You can host your website if you have the suitable equipment and internet connection. However, there are online website hosting services which can be free or paid. There are different options to how much you want to pay for your website e.g. monthly, yearly or weekly. However the price you pay may change from the amount of users that access your webpage.

Domains are the ending of a website URL which may show if it is part of a particular organisation e.g. “.gov” would be government related or “.org” is an organisation. To make sure the data has arrived at the right location on a network each computer has an IP address. It is a unique number; it is a set of four numbers each from 0 to 225. For example, would address a specific computer on a network. The internet works the same way as a WAN (wide area network) as the internet is a large global network.

Domain Name Registers
When creating a domain name consider making it easy for people to remember. You could make it something meaningful, easy to type or a small word or phrase to help reflect on the websites content.

Worldwide Web
An information system on the Internet which allows documents to be connected to other documents by hypertext links, allowing the user to search for information by moving from one document to another.


Hardware e.g. web, mail and proxy servers
Web server software is a system designed to give information to users over the internet. This could be delivered through services or contents. A webserver usually comes bundled such as the Internet Information Services (IIS) which comes with a modern version of the windows operating system. It is also known as an internet server.

Routers are physical devices that connect multiple networks together. To be precise, a router is a Layer 3 gateway device - meaning that it connects two or more networks - and that the router operates at the network layer of the OSI model.

Software e.g. browser, email
A browser is a client or software which is used to find, retrieve and visually display the content on the global internet. It includes many types of files such as: videos; images and websites. An example of a popular browser is Google Chrome. Google chrome is known as a reliable and fast browser. Browsers have many functions that works together to give you the best experience on the internet. Firstly, viewed web pages are stored in the cache so they load up much quicker if the user wants to view it again, you can also press the back button to load the previous pages as