Essay about Interpersonal Conflict Management

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It is believed that all conflict is bad, it creates tension, destruction of working relationships and reduces productivity. Therefore, it should be eliminated by all means. This understanding is not correct. Some conflicts are unavoidable in all organizations, because it is associated with the struggle for existence and development of the organization.

All individuals and organizations perform the environment which requires competition for limited resources, include of financial resources and information resources, etc.... In other words, in this environment both organizations and individuals have to accept change and develop to adapt the environment. The limited resources have created some level of conflicts, such as
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They felt the new policy was unfair in equating their role and other new comers’. In other words, it meant that their former contribution was no longer appreciated. Moreover, they are no longer satisfied to take responsibilities beyond their position. They assumed that their current salary was not favorable in comparison with their workload. On the other hand, they felt the new policy made personal relationships change. The distance between the manager and the staff became evidently.

As a result, the working environment became stressful and working performance was low. Some staff had left; the rest did not feel motivated to contribute to the company.
In this situation, the managers set up intimate talks with all the former employees to understand their aspiration, their wish, and their commitment to the future of the company. Besides, many internal meetings were hold to share the company’s goals and future orientation to gain the employees’ understanding. As the same time, a detailed job description, benefits and responsibilities for each position were designed after discussions with each individual to reasonably allocate the workload and salary. For the first time, former employees and new employees would be assigned separated tasks and duties to minimize the interdependence of the tasks of two objects. To enhance the relationship among staffs, many the parties and the other team building were organized.


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