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Effective Managerial Skills in the Workplace

Jeyran Tavakol

HROD 321

Malileh Mansouri
April 17th ,2013


Organization consists of a group of people who work constantly to achieve a common goal. A lot of the time, it can be challenging to work in a group of people who you have never met or had any contact with. As an employee, getting along with the group can be challenging from time to time. With a help of a great manager that can be a bit easier. Management is very important in the workplace, according to Paul Hawken, “Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and the role of the manager is important because a lot of the time people leave their jobs because they are not satisfied with their managers. Also, the role of the manager is critical for high customer service. Solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.” In order for the manager to be respectable and also be good at his/her job it requires a set of skills. In this paper I will write about how one can be a great manager and what are some of the factors that are important to keep in mind while managing a group of people. The first important factor for a manager is to get the group of employees to work as a team effectively, secondly the manager has to have good management skills and to become a great one he needs leadership skills , and finally have conflict resolution skills. A lot of the variables on each of these skills collaborate with one another.

Making Teams Work Effectively: According to the textbook and lecture notes, teams do not naturally work and operate effectively. It is important to understand how to manage the team and make sure there is cohesiveness in the work environment. In order for an organization to achieve it’s goals and be stable, the functionality of the team is important because the members are usually the people in the organization that turn the goals into reality. A team is a small number of people who work closely together toward a common objective and are accountable to one another. The team members work on problem solving, share leadership, and they develop a mission. Since the team is working closely together to achieve a goal, it is important to make sure that the members are linking together as much as possible to be effective in the workplace. A team’s measure of effectiveness is based on the outcomes and goals of the group as a whole, rather than the individual goals. In order for a team to work effectively, several important factors have to be considered. Work design is important within the team. The members have to work together and should take responsibility for their work collectively. The team members should feel autonomous and free when getting work done; since they are the ones working on the project, they should be allowed to have their own ways of doing the work as long as it is proper and ethical. It is also important for the team leaders to identify diversity in the team. Members may come from different ethnic backgrounds, age, sex, or religion, and those differences should be identified and made sure that they are respected within the group. It is important that conflict is resolved within the group, because negative conflict may lead to stress, chaos, and is time consuming. The leader has to be open to debates and alternatives in getting a project done, so that all the team members are allowed to contribute their ideas. No members should feel isolated from the team, and everyone should feel as if they can build a relationship with the leader. Solving conflict among the members, or not letting negative conflict initiate among the members in the first place, may lead to better job performance among the group. Other team members should minimize negative conflict as much as possible. Performance evaluation and reward system is another important