Interpersonal Relationship and Trust Essay

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Blake Dyall
Prof. Timothy Haskell
English 110: College Writing
10 March 2015

Trust is not something most people think about every day. Trust must be earned and given. In many cases someone who trusts you themselves will vouch for you when you meet some they know. This is very common in the Middle East, in some cases the person who vouched for you will be held responsible if you wrong that person. Trust is very important in all facets of life from friendship to business.

In the business world there are different kinds of trust. One form of trust is the one given by your employer to do your job. If you consistently fail to complete your assigned tasks then you will most likely be fired because they can’t trust that you are going to succeed in the future. In sales many times a person will come back to a sales person who they trust. Most of business is about building rapport, trust, and credibility. When you earn these things a person will come back to you time and time again for your product.

Friendships are based on trust that the other person will look out for you best interests. If you are in a time of need a close friend will be there no matter what. Many people will tell friends things that they would not tell anyone else because they trust that it will be kept in confidence. People will trust their friends to not only watch their property but also their children in many cases. The trust between friends can be a foundation for people to become more than friends.

In the relationship of a couple trust may be the most important factor for the relationship to