Essay on Interview: High School and Long Term Goal

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My coach has always told me to “Nola, you are an intelligent young lady and as long as you keep God first and hang around positive people you will go far and succeed in life. “Have a blessed day, say no to drugs and alcohol” is what Coach Petty told me over the phone when I was asking her several of questions about her profession as a coach. I told her that I wanted to be a coach; she was excited that I told her this news because she is willing to help me. She makes a decent living from what she does, $28,340 (2010). She told me that being a coach takes a lot of patience and passion which is what I have this is why I want to be a coach because I feel as if I have some of the characteristics.
As I was asking questions she informed me that I will need to take anatomy and physiology and physical education while attending school. She said taking anatomy and physiology will help me understand more about the human body and help me to educate my future students on how to prevent injuries and inform them about things that could be very beneficial. She told me I would have to make a couple of sacrifices which is not going to some social events, hanging out with friends, and procrastinating. “I prayed and played basketball” is what she told me to keep from giving into peer pressure and to stay focus on her school work.
Coach Petty has been a coach for ten years at John Tyler High School and a business administration there as well. She coaches freshman volleyball and junior varsity basketball at the school. "Seeing the children grow into young adults is an amazing thing to see”, says Petty, she is an outstanding coach and people come to her advice for just about everything as long as it’s a positive situation without dealing with drugs or alcohol. Most kids love her because she can relate with just about all of her students. “I’m always there for a child when there in need, even outside of school”, says the inspirational coach. “Although in this position as a coach you face many problems and challenges, the main thing is dealing with kids that have no home training” and then says “you have to put in the time and work but also have patience and passion for the job because it can be challenging”, says the coach. She told me that you really have to have a passion for kids because there all not the same and some will give you problems. She says “I try to make a difference