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Ryan Bailey
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WORDS 503 My overall impression was amazing it was what I had planned to do when I go. The slides give a prespective as if you were there. The land is awsome having all diffrent kinds of scenery. The way it was presented and explaind clearly was amazing seeing and hearing things more clearly. The thing I found interesting was the whole geography part. Im part irish so hearing all this was awsome to hear. Seeing from the poor to the rich buildings was tramendist. The land was pretty green with a scenic view leading to the next piece of land and home or castle. The houses for the not so rich were made with thatched roofs. And then you had the people with money with blue or green doors with a diffrent building type. Through out the land you have castles scattered everywhere. Seeing the diffrent marble inside the castles was neat. Ireland is its own unique place from the castles to the green land up the hills and to the rockys cliffs. The thing that was interesting to me was there is a college there. The whole college part in a small populated place seem like a really nice place to go. It was a beautiful place to go inside was the best part of the college due to the fact that they did not modernize it, leaving it how it is. Im half irish from my dad. My grandpa from my dads side told my dad a story about why and when he came here to the united states. The bailey name has diffrent spelling names. Our family was officers in England they were becoming hated creating a problem thus leaving during the norman conquest. Coming down to the united states the bailey family scattered everywhere losing contact of one another. Still to this day we still have family in…