Is Canada Racist Essay

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Delusive Openness It would be impossible to say that a country is completely free of racism and bigotry. Race as it usually functions, is a tool of the human indecency. On the topic of racism in Canada, I believe that it is extremely difficult to answer, because then the answer will depend on the person. If you asked the same question about racism to a person who has an ethnic background verses someone with a Caucasian background. There will be a completely different answer. Why? Merely because of the "different" treatment they had received throughout their lives. This is not only evident the media, and the law. Furthermore, there is the notion of white supremacy which only furthers the problem of racism. The media becomes a dominant problem in the issue of race. When the societal norm in a western society, is heavily dominated by stereotypes this ultimately creates an outlet for racism. Furthermore, when the media is a major influence this alters the views of the youth. Under a different approach. The law that is supposedly apply to anyone, because questionable, and often times leans towards discrimination. For example, affirmative action becomes a source of discrimination against race and minority groups. Perhaps because people are so open minded it merely ends up creating the notion of closed minds. One of the main downfalls that we have as a society is caused by the lack of openness. The topic of race in Canada is extremely evident. Most citizens are willing to respect…