Is screen time bad? Essay

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James Hill

I believe that screen time can be both detrimental and helpful to your everyday life. Screen time is essentially how much time in a day you spend looking at a screen of some sort right? Therefore T. V’s also count, so does any sort of built in GPS screens in cars. So screen time can affect life in a positive way. For instance, every document we students do is essentially on managebac since everything is digital nowadays. The more screen time we use for things like managebac, the better we'll stay at school since we would be able to keep up with all the things we have to do. Secondly, I believe T.V screen time is very helpful to people, and to myself. For one, the news provides local and national events to us in a condensed version. It would take ages to look up all the same material. Plus there are families that don't have the privilege of having a computer or a smart phone, and T.V, most importantly the news can be a great way to keep in touch.
Lastly, the more time we spend at a screen the more we can learn about the world since the internet hold a vast amount of knowledge.
Screen time can also be harmful to us. For example, the internet holds a vast amount of knowledge. Literally almost all of recorded human history, the solution to just about any problem I might have in life, is in the palm of my hand, able to be solved by a simple Google search. While this is a good thing, humans let their curiosity get the better of them more often than not. So instead of doing research on a certain time period for a history class, or doing a paper that is due by nine, we tend to look at unimportant or trivial things that won't benefit us in any way at all, like beaver videos. This leads to bad productivity/ procrastination, which is something this new generation of kids that grew up with technology struggles with. Secondly, since were so glued to our screens, life