Isis Research Paper

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ISIS has concluded that the best way to fight ISIS is to fight it with supreme air power, and organized tactical attacks in the heart of ISIS, such as areas where high priority forces are spread out and using laser-guided bombs to seek out and destroy stolen technology leftover from the coalition mission in Iraq.
A key problem that many sociologists are trying to figure out is how ISIS exploited the social media and advertising to attract more and more foreigners to fight under the ISIS banner. Ever since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, ISIS is known to use social media savviness on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and other social media sites to attract people to fight for them. A major factor in ISIS’ social media savviness is how they use
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The type of highly focused marketing and social media community building as exhibited by ISIS is something that brands strive for to get their message across" (Dinah Alobeid). ISIS uses terms more commonly found used by the young western populations in Europe and the United States on games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, League of Legends, and other video games to attract other’s attention. Sociologist’s remark how ISIS uses excellent advertising and savviness to gather attention from people all over the world. Because of ISIS’ savviness, a large influx of westerners immigrating to the Syrian and Iraqi regions to fight for ISIS has been observed by many border agencies and immigration departments explaining how there has been an increase in those who wish to travel to the Fertile Crescent region, which is …show more content…
So far, only airstrikes, cruise missile strikes, drone strikes, and small-scale special operations have been successful in combating ISIS. The major players combatting ISIS currently is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Spain), Russian Federation (indirectly supports by bombing ISIS targets while at the same time support the Assad regime in Syria), Kurdish Peshmerga (primarily fighting ISIS, but has tensions with the NATO nation of Turkey), and finally the nations of Saudi Arabia and Iran. While the United States opposes Iran from past tensions, the Iranian government opposes ISIS and is bombing and committing combat troops to train Kurdish forces to fight ISIS better. Saudi Arabia, a major US ally with US military technology at their disposal, is committing armored battalions, mechanized infantry divisions, and infantry divisions for airlift to Turkish airports. However, it’s unclear on what Saudi Arabia’s intentions are, as supposedly the Turkish and the Saudi’s have a partner plan on ousting the Assad regime in Syria. The plan is rumored to be Turkey launching a full-scale ground invasion in Syria from the north with some Saudi elements alongside them, while the Saudi’s push from the south through Iraq. Together, the two armies will meet in Damascus and topple Assad’s