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During high school I played multiple sports just like everyone else, basketball and football. In which both I felt as I went along through high school I build strong relationships with not just the players but the coaches as well that later made me feel like I had a second or third family if you will. Coming into season we my basketball team that is always discussed by time were juniors or seniors we will be one of the dominant teams in Anne Arundel County and fight for a state championship. My freshmen year I played just basketball on junior varsity an also started where I did good enough to get moved up to varsity but sadly couldn’t move up because I didn’t really take care of what I was suppose to in the classroom. My sophomore year was the year I played basketball as well as football for the first time in my life. Started on Junior Varsity playing football and basketball I played but didn’t play, as much I should have. My head coach and I always buttheads that year but later turned into a love hate relationship leading up to my junior year of high school. My junior year I started on varsity football and in basketball I started off and on but that year I realized how much of a family we were due to team dinners, discipliner drills, things like where we have to depending or trusting one another in both football and basketball an the guys like myself that played football played basketball too. But finished 7-3 in football and wasn’t able to go to the playoffs, an in basketball we