Essay on James Truslow Adams and American Dream

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Courtney Peavy
Miss. Davila
English III-AP-2nd
20 September 2013
God Bless the USA; where Americans Have a Dream
What’s the American Dream? The American Dream is frequently something that humanity marvels about. They’re so many so many different perspectives of this dream. Significantly, this dream is of stability in all eras. The American Dream is the unity in which lives should be superior, richer, and fuller for all. Each individual of the American society has the fullest viable possibility to accomplish the dream against all odds; however, the work must be applied to fulfill the dream as well.
In all aspects of life, society will always have a noting of that material component of the American Dream. Economic prosperity, religious prosperity, financial, just prosperity overall, is what was only half of what was thought was granted. Even though everyone has the dream of achieving prosperity, not everyone is going to reach it. In David Kamp’s, Rethinking the American Dream: Vanity Fair, article he mentions James Truslow Adams final iteration of the dream. Adams believed society views the American Dream as “richness of experience” he mentions. Adams felt he mislead society into believing such a thought; so feeling such a way Adams made a final speech of the American Dream. He spoke his description as, “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for every man, with opportunity for each according to his ability or achievement.”(Kamp 4). He carefully states “with opportunity for each according to his ability or achievements.” this is for society to hopefully get themselves. The American Dream is here where society lies in America. However, it’s only going to be received by those who work hard to get it. Accomplishment, abilities, ones strength, attitude, as well as much more are among the many characteristics of those who reach the dream. The dream belong to American society alone, but its up to the individuals apart of that society to make it reality. While James T. Adams believed in the dream but not everyone was going to reach it, Franklin D. Roosevelt, came into office in 1933. He himself had a new aspect of the American Dream to share with society. Stated in the article, Rethinking the American Dream: Vanity Fair, Kamp writes this time, “A “better and richer and fuller” life was no longer just what America promised citizens individually; it was an ideal toward which these citizens were duty-bound to strive together.”(Kamp 5). President Roosevelt had a mind setting of nation harmony, unionism, all stepping on one accord. He constantly expressed that everyone had the right and possibility to reach the dream together as a nation. The Social Security Act of 1935 put his theory to practice. Introducing the idea of “safe old age” with protection, perhaps this was the first specific material component ascribed to the American Dream. Carrying out the words of these two wise men of history, society could possible promise all the Dream. In the song performed by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, Empire State of Mind, the show society the way to life from only dreaming and applying. They’re both from the big city of New York, and their dreams came true just from working at it and getting others to help mold them into the well respected artist they are today. The song says “…where dreams are made of. There’s nothing you can’t do…the lights will inspire you…” (Empire State of Mind 2009). They collaborated with each other to speak a message of life, hope, and inspiration into society. They wanted all to see that not only New York but American is the place where dreams are made of. With the messages of the ones in history or entertainment, society will continue to uphold the different perspectives of the American Dream.
Everyone prospects the American Dream in their own way, whether you’re just young or old. The dream has no age limit it all individuals own mindset. Special Gay, 32, feels as though “people