Jazz Live Performance Essay

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Professor Gary Thomas
MUL 2380 / Wednesday 5:40 – 9:00pm
April 1st, 2015

Jazz Performance Review

I will be doing a performance review of the jazz performance by Norman Granz' Jazz In Montreux - Milt Jackson & Ray Brown '77. I am in the comfort of my home watching this recorded performance through YouTube. In relation to this, the jazz band I observed played a series of five different songs. Although all the songs were categorized as jazz, each song had its own special style and sound to it. The band consisted of six different players. Ray Brown, the bassist, Milt Jackson, the vibraphonist, Clark Kerry, on the trumpet, Eddie Lockjaw Davis, on the tenor sax, Monty Alexander, the pianist, Jimmy Smith, on drums. The songs performed were entitled “Slippery” by Milt Jackson & Ray Brown, “Beautiful Friendship” by Milt Jackson & Ray Brown, “Red Top” by Milt Jackson & Ray Brown, “Mean to Me” by Milt Jackson & Ray Brown and “You Are My Sunshine” by Milt Jackson & Ray Brown. The first song, “Slippery” a Ray Brown tune that's kind of like an extended blues, is handled well by all, the song had a constant tempo. It also had a slow, funky, and earthy sound to it, which would make it fall under the blues category. The drummer was mostly using the crash cymbal. The pianist seems to be improvising and the cello player seems to be improvising during his solo. The second song entitled “Beautiful Friendship” the pianist Monty Alexander delivers an amazing solo on the beginning of the song. Moreover, he delivers a cool very expressive animus to his keyboard styling. The third song was entitled “Red Top” Clark Kerry is playing an amazing trumpet solo, the band is playing swinging jazz. In relation to this, when Davis goes into his cutting-edge solo, Jackson goes over, whispers and returns grinning ear to ear. In that closeness comes a harmony which can only go towards creating a strong emotional core. The crowd seems to really enjoy this duo (Kerry & Davis). The fourth song was entitled “Mean to Me” Ray Brown comes to the front and engages with the crowd introducing Milt Jackson solo This