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Purpose: To show that our Government knew there was a credible threat to our national security and did not take the necessary steps to prevent the tragedy of 9/11, as well as show that although there are many conspiracy theories, there are some that actually have credible evidence to suggest that there might be some truth to some type of cover-up.
Thesis Statement: There are many proven theories that show 9/11 could have been prevented as well as credible evidence to support the idea that we have not been told the whole truth to the events that caused this tragedy to transpire. The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory: Deceit, Misinformation, and Cover-up?
I. Introduction A.) 9/11 Tragedy 1.) Why does it still affect us so much today? 2.) The reason for Conspiracy Theories
II. Forewarnings and Missed Opportunities Prior to 9/11
A.) George J. Tenet urgent request to National Security Advisor. 1.) Tenet’s role in the Government/his concerns.
B.) Early Intelligence Reports outlining possible attacks on U.S. Soil 1.) Using Planes as bombs. 2.) Al-Qaeda’s motives
C.) Project Bojinka 1.) Al-Qaeda detailed plans for hijacking a plane
D.) FAA Commission Report Prior to 9/11 1.) Warnings and clues received by the FAA

E.) Increased Intel Prior to 9/11 1.) Cancellation of certain flights in U.S. prior to 9/11 2.) Key personnel that were “advised” not to fly prior to 9/11