Journal 4 Essay

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Journal 4

Submitted to: Mr. Collins
Submitted by: Ethan Hartley
Date: June 18th 2015
Class: English 11
The final journal is finally upon us, and there has been a lot from this class that as really entertained me in many ways. There are many events and discussions that I can reflect on that have benefited me in life, and that I have never had knowledge of before. Even though this may not sound like me, I think that watching and learning about William Shakespeare is one of my favourite things to look forward to in the English course, mainly because I enjoy thinking about how things back then are so different than the ways the we do things in this time period. Looking back at the 1600’s and how things worked is really interesting to me, I just like the study of different time periods and how they worked and everything like that
Shakespeare in love really struck me, it was one of me most invigorating movies I’ve seen because it expresses how strong love can be in its purest form. The highlight of my time in this English class for sure was watching and learning about Shakespeare and Don Quixote because they both entwine the same kind of vibe and feeling of importance and it’s truly inspirational. I really liked how they tried to capture how Shakespeare would be living at that age and how we would go about making Romeo and Juliet. There is actually a song called Don Quixote by one of my favourite bands if I have never mentioned it, the song is by Coldplay and it goes through the importance of Don Quixote, the link to the song is at the end of my journal or it can be searched online.
The Tempest was one of Shakespeare’s plays that I have never heard about until it was brought up in the course, although I seemed a lot more interested in The Merchant of Venice, in the end The Tempest didn’t disappoint. The Tempest kind of had a weird feel to it in my opinion, especially the version that we watched, I think that they were trying too hard to make it come to life, especially with the special effects. If they just left it to a minimum in that sense, I would have liked that version a lot more. Special effects aside it was really amazing; it definitely didn’t beat Shakespeare in love because the impression that movie left me with was just breathtakingly amazing. The impression that the tempest left me with was

I am never going to forget what I have learned during this course because it’s not like any other course or class, the vibe is great everything that we learn I can take home with my and store it, it benefits me mentally. I am not a reading person, but I just want to keep reading when learning about what the things we do in class, which is great it’s what an English class needs and what an English class is all about.
Shakespeare and His Stage answers:
- Shakespeare’s date of birth – His birth is traditionally assigned to April 23rd. - Parents – He was the eldest of four boys and two girls who survived infancy in the family of John Shakespeare and his wife Mary Arden. - Marriage – On November 27, 1582, a license was issued for the marriage of William Shakespeare and Ann Hathaway. - Children – Their child Susanna was christened in Holy Trinity Church. Two additional children f the marriage, the twins Gamnet and Judith, were christened on February 2, 1585. - Lost Years – Because of the absence of record for William Shakespeare, his early