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Journal Since I’ve started interning, my time management techniques have been pretty good so far. I have absolutely no distractions or hinders. The different tasks that I have to do are very simple therefore; I am able to finish them on time. While doing my tasks I don’t feel pressured or pushed for time although; I take my time on the tasks and make sure that everything is on point I still manage to complete them. I focus while doing my job and use my time very wisely. Although I work for two teachers, I haven’t had any complaints about my work or the time period of completing them. Every day before work I set goals for my job by setting a specific time for starting my task at work and completing the task. By setting goals it helps me stay on track and concentrate on what I have to do and make sure that I get it done. Setting goals help me stay on top of things and help eliminate other unimportant things that could distract me. I feel very comfortable with my job and about what I have accomplished so far at work. Being self- directed at work is also comfortable for me and it lifts a weight off of my shoulders because I am not being controlled, constraint, or judged. Not having an employer rushing me or constantly telling me how to do something their way or working at their pace is a good feeling. I pretty much just work at my own pace and do my task the way that it is suppose to be done but, at my own speed. I also like how my employer does not judge me of how I work,