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Listening Journal Week 1 CD 1: Thomas Tallis - Lamentations of Jeremiah Performers: The Hilliard Ensemble CD#: CL390 Duration: 12'57

Background Comments: The Lamentation was composed in 1565 and was composed not for the Catholics but for the use of recreational singing. Tallis written a piece where it's a darker tone and no brightness within the music making his music a sixteenth-century art that not a lot of composer's have written. In the Renaissance era the Gregorian Chant was popular but Tallis adapted his own twist of the chant.

Personal Reaction: It sounded like a haunting gloomy song yet with a hint of sadness that was beautiful. The polyphony started melting into one big mess which was not the greatest idea yet he was able to shift with the balance of harmony and for each of the vocal line. Each of the voice can be heard clearly yet it sounded as though the voices were straining to hold back the dynamics.

CD 2: Jean-Henri D'anglebert – Pieces pour clavier Performer: Scott Ross CD#: CL391 Duration: 30'04

Background Comment: The suite was published in 1689 in Paris and was his only collection of a harpsichord suite. The music was dedicated to Marie Anne de Bourbon, the daughter of Louis XIV, an amateur harpsichordist herself who studied later on with Francois Couperin. The composer was born in the Baroque Era and the music that he written gave Bach little bits and pieces of ideas to compose.

Personal Reaction: There were many textures that you can hear but the quality difference were clear and balanced. It sounded muddled but that was because the harpsichordist was trying to be silent for a moment and intensifying into an aggressive sound. There were moments with a light texture with fast finger-work to a slow-moving process where it was heavy and