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Community Service
There are several ways that the JROTC program motives young people to join in. One of those several ways is community service. Doing community service is very important to the
JROTC program. It does not only define the selfless­service you give but the integrity you have.
In JROTC you can do community service by putting flags on veterans grave sites, helping out in the Red Cross Blood Drive, and so many other things. Each of these things you help out with means a lot to other people. They would appreciate your time and effort. Its all about the army values when it comes to the JROTC program. My favorite community service was putting flags on grave sites. We went on a mission with the cadets of each platoon. Our mission was to visit three different local cemeteries, and put an American flag to the gravesites of those who fought for our country. For me this community service was a great idea because each cadet had an opportunity to make a veteran to be recognized. It did not only show who were the brave men and women who fought our country, but brave enough to die for our country. Whenever I would put a flag on a gravesite, I would feel happy, and thankful. I felt like this because I had an opportunity to recognize soldiers that fought in different wars, in different places. I'm sure that this was worth my time. Doing this project for the JROTC program was excited. I felt honored doing this mission.We did not only honor the army branch but all the other branches like the Coast Guard,
Navy, Marines, and many others. So that all of the branches felt honored also. We also honored their families by helping them putting flags on the gravesites. If I could do this for my whole life i absolutely would do it. I enjoy doing these kind of things for the community service or for the
JROTC program. I like the JROTC Program because we get to do