Judicial Branch Research Paper

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The first branch that I want to talk about is the Legislative branch. This branch is responsible for making laws. The branch is lead by the Congress, which consists of House of Representatives and Senate. Both the Senate and House of Representative is elected differently and they also play a different role. In terms of how they are elected, the Senate is elected by the state legislature. However, the House of Representative is elected by the people’s vote. The Senate is in charge of the appointment that the President has, they can simply cancel out the appointment or let it happen. However, to cancel the appointment or make an appointment the House of Representatives must also agree with the idea that the Senate has. On the other hand, the House of Representatives has the power to make the revenue bills or even the power to elect the President when the election tied. The next branch is the Judicial Branch. This branch plays a big role in deciding cases involving states’ rights. The Judicial branch is made up of judges who explain laws. Judges that are a member in the Judicial Branch are elected by the President. Not only ordinary judges, the Judicial Branch also consists of the Supreme Court or in other words the nine justices that serve for life. Some examples of cases that the Judicial branch deals with are fights between states and Individual rights. Since the Supreme Court has the highest position in the Judicial branch, therefore they have the final decision to law breaking case. However, for the case to make it all up to the Supreme Court, it must be a crucial or important case that can give effect to the country. Finally, the last branch is the