Just Another Indian Analysis

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Gordon Stewart Northcott allegedly was sexually abused by his whole family as a child and his behaviors of having a raging libido and taste for physical abuse bear testament to some type of sexual abuse; similarly, in Choreography Corey Haim’s abnormally sexualized behavior spoke volumes to the author, Corey Feldman, that something had been done to Corey Haim. The serial killer, John Martin Crawford, who murdered multiple native women in Canada also had a voracious appetite for food and sex constantly eating and masturbating in his jail cell. Again, this serial killer was allegedly sexually abused at least twice as a little boy in the extraordinary book: Just Another Indian. Clearly, the sexual abuse suffered by these young boys has permanent …show more content…
When John Martin Crawford was on his killing sprees he would obsessively drink massive quantities of alcohol and shoot up drugs constantly the whole day or night long. The same behaviors were typical of Corey Haim minus the murders. Obsessions & Compulsions take over these damaged personalities or perhaps the demons of gluttony, lust, and bacchanalian drinking. They enter during the traumatic sexual abuse that opens the child’s soul to these entities as described in Dr. Modi’s book: Remarkable Healings. This may be a controversial book in the psychiatric profession but entities in one’s soul is backed up by another psychiatrist who did hypnosis and regressions: Louise Ireland-Frey in Freeing Captives. At one point, she even describes a lizard entity within her patient’s energy field. She writes of child molestations due to dark forces. Roxana Shirazi writes in The Last Living Slut how she lived a groupie life having sex with entire rock bands without any concern of their treatment of her until she hit an all-time low with Dizzy Reed. His vicious texts like: “I’m gonna tell him what a slut you are” or “I hope you have many more abortions you piece of shit!” I guess are the underlying attitude many rock stars