The Benefits Of Space Exploration

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The adventure of going into space as human beings has been a very important milestone. There are numerous things that humans can discover from going into space. NASA is a great organization and should be allowed to continue sending men and women into space. Space exploration should continue because humans need to learn more about things outside of Earth, humans have a need to explore and discover, and for the possibility of finding other life and inhabiting other planets. Learning what is outside of Earth is possibly one of the most difficult barriers that face humans today. Rovers and other machines have shown us what humans think is out there but not one hundred percent sure if the discoveries are accurate. Learning what would be on other planets and the resources or even luxuries on the planet would be outstanding to discover and bring back. NASA is trying to build space stations past the moon for deep space travel and even land astronauts on an asteroid. By presidential order “All this has to be ready to launch by 2025” (Borenstein). Mars is NASA’s target at the moment. They are trying to land humans there and “the first manned visits could happen around 2035 as an international endeavor” (Vergono). Humans just want to learn what other planets, galaxies, and solar systems hold. “The first outposts on mars could come after 2060” (Vergano). That may seem far away but in actuality it is very close because going to the moon is two hundred and thirty nine thousand miles away and “getting to mars, even at its closest point to earth… is 140 times farther” (Vergano). Humans have the tendency to explore anything the world has to offer and also anything outside of this world. There are so many things that humans can still find and discover by sending humans into space. Of course “NASA funding has been very precarious and money is going to get tighter” (Matthews). But the materials and resources humans can bring back by going to mars or any other planet would be ecstatic. It could possibly even pay for the whole space mission in itself. Mars is said to not look like the dusty and desert like place that movies and TV shows portray it to be. It actually has minerals, rivers, and caves like Earth. NASA is thinking about