Kayak and Water Essay

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Megan Hawick
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Page 1 introduction
Page 2 what I know about the chosen sport
Page 3 what is used and famous people of my chosen sport
Page 4 what are the rules of my chosen sport
Page 5 skills and techniques
Page 6 aspects and finesses
Page 7 why I picked it
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My essay is on kayaking. Kayaking is very fun because you get to go out on your own wee boat and have a paddle about. The really good thing it is not tricky to learn. All you need to do is learn to paddle and that’s really you also need good balance. The spray-deck keeps you in your boat and it also keeps all the water out to. When you are going down a waterfall you always need someone with you in case you badly hurt yourself. When you are kayaking you need your hair tied back. There is lots of games you can play when you are kayaking water polo and there is one game that I don’t know the name of and it’s like duck, duck goose.

My chosen sport

My chosen sport is kayaking .I have chosen kayaking because I wanted to find out more about the sport. Kayaking is very good because you get to out on the sea and do races and stunts and Eskimo role. Eskimo role is when you do a role under the water and then come back up.

Where would I play my chosen sport?
You would do kayaking in the water. lots of people do it in different places like sea, rivers, down water falls, lochs when you are a starter you do it in the swimming pool. You can do kayaking anywhere. Most people do it in the sea but it depends how good you are at the sport. I started kayaking in the swimming pool but then I got better and then went on to lochs and now I can go in the sea next I am going on to rivers and then on to waterfalls.

Facts about kayaking
Kayaks where made hundreds of years ago. Kayaking was made by the Eskimos they made it out of a wooden frame and killed seals and then took their skins to put round the wood. The Eskimos also invented the Eskimo roll they done a roll they named it after their self’s. Some kayaks can hold a maximum of three people but they will usually only seat one or two people. A kayak will be about 17 feet long and could be 22 inches wide and 7 inches deep.

What equipment is used

You need a boat/ kayak then you need a swim suit then you put on a wet suit. Then the main thing is you have to put on a life jacket then the spray deck. You should also tie your hair up if you are a boy or a girl in case you down a water fall and when you are under you might not know which way is up because you can’t sea and you could die if you under a water fall. You also need to wear an helmet in case you were going down a river and the currents get you and you flip over you won’t bang your head.

Famous who take part in my chosen sport?

Shawn baker is a very famous Olympic kayaker and he has got four Olympic medals. There is also john Macgregor (24 January 1825 Gravesend – 16 July 1892 Boscombe)

What are the rules of my chosen sport?
How is the winner decided in my chosen sport?
The winner is decided if you had a race you would see who got there first or if you were going down a water fall they would see who got down there the fastest or who got up of an Eskimo roll the fastest.
Safety rules
You must where a spray deck to keep the water out of your kayak and also it keeps you in your kayak. You must wear a wet suit so you don’t freeze or die or be very cold and maybe die of hyperthermia. You must also wear a helmet in case you are going down a water fall you won’t badly hurt your head. The main thing is you should wear a lifejacket so you won’t drown and maybe even die.

General rules

If you wear racing you are not allowed to push people out their kayak. You must use a paddle because if you don’t you will just float and you also can’t kayak .you must also pass the ball in water polo