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Kelsey Love
March 25, 2015
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Concealed Handguns for Safety on Campuses
Concealed handguns for safety, should it be allowed; Many people will argue this subject, all having very strong thoughts. This argument ongoing for years now. So should concealed handguns be allowed on campuses? Yes, concealed handguns should be allowed. As states in Concealed Guns, “Seven states allow carrying a concealed weapon on public college or university campuses, 21 states ban concealed weapons on campuses, and 22 leave the decision up to the individual college or university.” Twenty-one states banning concealed weapons, that number alone says it all.
Carrying a concealed handgun could not only save many lives in the event that a school shooting was to happen but also students and staff could feel safe knowing that they do not just have police forces to rely on. The police may not always be there. Concealed Guns states that “a 2013 research article in the Wall Street Journal reported that the average police response time to an emergency call is 11 minutes, with some responses taking much longer.” Just imagine all that could possibly happen in eleven minutes! All the people that could be harmed, possibly even killed. To some it is unimaginable.
It says in Concealed Guns that “Between May 2007 and Mar. 11, 2014, at least 14 law enforcement officers and 622 other people were killed nationally by private individuals legally allowed to carry concealed handguns.” Now no one is arguing that, however, what about the many lives of children that has been lost. Young children in many incidents. Conceal-carry measure makes gains in Illinois states “The truth is, the laws restricting our ability to carry only apply to those of us who abide by the law.” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MO) How very true is that statement? With that being said, it goes to show all the more of a reason to allow concealed handguns on campuses because with or without that “title” of stating that a concealed weapon is allowed or not will not stop a torn soul from possibly harming themselves or others.
Bullies will always be in schools. The mean girl clicks, the popular kids, many different stereo types. Including the bullied, the not so pretty or popular students who in their own ways in each stereo type is hurt or torn to the point on some days the smallest thing could cause the “snap”. Weather it being for harm or