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Title: Population and Settlement

Title questions: What are the factors encouraging the development of settlement in Annatto bay St. Mary

Aim: To determine the factors encouraging the settlement on the of Annotto bay St. Mary.


On May 30, 2012 a group of geography students journey to Annotto bay St.Mary. The town of Annotto bay is located 51 km from Kingston. On the bus the questionnaire sheets were provided for the student phoir to the field trip. The students were then place into groups. The students went around and interview six (6) personnel and counted all the government buildings that is located on the coast of Annotto bay St. Mary. To get an idea of how many persons live and work in Annotto bay St. Mary. The student then does an addition research on the population of Annotto bay St.

Location: Jamaica

Detailed Map of St Mary

Presentation of Data


1. Gender: Male / Female

2. Age group: Under 20yrs 21-35yrs 36-55yrs Over 55 years

Economic Activities 1. Do you work in the town Annotto bay? Yes/No

2. If Yes in what area do you work? * Retail / wholesale * Office * Factory * Other :Pharmasict

3. If No what is your main reason for visiting the town today * To do business * Social/Entertainment * To access transport

* Resident

4. Do you have any relative working in Annotto bay? Yes/No

Communication 1. Indicate :Passenger / Transport operator 2. How did you travel to the town : Bus Walk Taxi Other : Car 3. Name the community you travel to/from: High gate 4. Is Annotto Bay your final destination: Yes/No

This diagram shows above the amount of government buildings occupies the coast of Annotto bay St. Mary.

History on the population of Annotto bay St. Mary Annotto Bay is a small rural community of 10,000 people located on the north-east coast of Jamaica, in St. Mary's Parish. This parish, which is considered the poorest in Jamaica, has experienced the devastating decline in employment caused by the closing of sugar and downsizing of banana plantations. In addition, this region also suffers annually from hurricanes, floods and droughts. The Sisters of St. Joseph have been supporting education and community development projects in Annotto Bay and surrounding communities for almost 13 years. The focus of this project is on basic literacy training and support both for primary level children and young adults.

The remedial reading programme at Annotto Bay All Ages School was initiated to give direct individual assistance to children entering Grade One, who either never attended Basic School (Jamaican pre-school), or who are not achieving the literacy goals for Grade One set out by the Jamaican Ministry of Education. Children are helped to progress at their own rates, given their ability, health, and economic