Health Benefits of Exercise Essay

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Jason Seo

November 2014



Exercise is beneficial to your health. First, they get a better ability to think and had better “attentional inhibition”. In a recent study, the kids who were more active received a better result in tests and a faster developing brain than the children in the control group.
Second, you will become a healthier person through exercise. In the same study, the kids in the exercise group were more fit and lost more body fat, while the kids in the control group did not. Exercise boosts your health. To begin with, exercise gives people intelligence. For example, there were a group of 110 kids continuing with their normal lives, while another 110 kids being physically active. Activities that improved aerobic endurance and basic motor skills were designed for the children. There were games like tag and also instruction in technique, such as throwing a baseball. According to the pedometers they were wearing, they covered more than two miles in about 70 minutes. The kids having wild fun were able to think deeper compared to the group who were not as active. Their ability to concentrate on the main point, and block out irrelevant information was also higher. The kids who attended the most exercise sessions showed the greatest improvements. Exercise gives people intelligence. Finally, exercise makes people healthier. In the same study, the kids who were active were more physically fit then they had before. The children in