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Malcolm X Vs King
Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were two of the greatest speakers in history of the United States. Each one of them had different reasons and views of the blacks equality. King believed on his philosophy of nonviolence. Malcolm X used Gandhi's Techniques to teach the African Americans of how to use nonviolence as to earn their quality. He also believed that to earn freedom is to fight back, to stand up for your self, this made many African American’s join his side.

Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were both great philosophers.

While both of these men preached equality, one preached a unity, while the other preached a separate race equality. Malcolm X believed that boycotting and marching wouldn’t help equality. He believed that Blacks needed to stop spending money in White communities and start to spend money in their own communities to that they could build up their own economy (Document G). Martin Luther King wanted a unity with the White people. He wanted them to be together and equal, brother and sister, a family. He wanted segregation and education especially to be their past so that their future could burn bright (Document D). This view was good and healthy. A vision that America needed in the 1960’s rather than blood and bodies everywhere.

Malcolm X believed that the cause they were fighting for never got solved. The problem that hey were trying to mend, never got fixed because people would always look down on Negroes and make an