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The Kite Runner Ch.1-7

1) It starts by explaining how Ali and Hassan had became members of the household. It gives the background information on how Hassan was born right there in the household, the departure of his mother, and how Ali, the father, decided to take care of him. Baba, father of Ali is a good samaritan as he offers to financially raise Ali and his son Hassan. Amir, son of Baba, is glad he has someone to play with in his childhood years; however, he “never thought of Hassan [as a friend].” (Hosseini 25) The reason for this is that Amir observes his father way of treating Amir. Amir was never mentioned of a friend of his father but a man just that gave him accompanying. It worked this way because Ali is a servant for Baba, and as equally, Hassan is Amir’s servant. The importance of this is the way Amir perspects their relationship, with this young boy the same age as him, even though they were raised exactly the same he denies him as a friend for the simple reason that he is full of pride, and being friends with a servant is socially unacceptable. It is sad to see how people put labels on others, in this case Amir does not accept Hassan as an equal because of their different social status.

2) Assef, accompanied by his friends get close on Amir and Hassan, being the bullies they are they say terrible remarks and offenses to make the boys feel less of themselves. As Assef huddles them up in a corner, he brings out his famous metal knuckles. Hassan being a lower ethnicity is picked on by calling him a Hazara. Assef is about to hit Amir when Hassan is holding his slingshot to Assef's eye. “Assef’s mouth twitched. Someone had challenged their god. Humiliated him. And worst of all, that someone was a skinny Hazara.” (42) Assef is known to not be indestructible, and Hassan’s acts builds tension to the scene, seeing how he would do anything to protect his master Amir. Amir is grateful for his bravery deed, but stays speechless for winning that victory. Amir now realizes how much love Hassan feels for him, as he chose to risk himself, with Assef there, and other boys against Amir as well. Amir feels guilty because he was about to blurt out Hassan’s not a friend to start with, and now has a disgusts himself to see how this boy just saved his life from being abused, and he cannot see him as a friend. The importance is the way Hassan stood up to him, because it demonstrates the respect he has for his master, even though he knew he was completely scared.

3) Amir is so excited and nervous for the kite running contest, that he even tries to back out in the end. Hassan helps build his confidence by explaining to him a dream he had had about them, and the way he brought victory while fear arose in the public. To be fearless in life, it takes much courage and bravery, but in the end it is worth it, because it is doing things nobody dares to accomplish or even try. As only two kites remain, including Amir’s he knows it is his time to shine and win the contest. As