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Promoting communication with people with learning disabilities
L3 LD: unit 1 / k/601/5315 / Atlanta Batten/ 06.10.14 L.O.6
This leaflet is all about verbal communication. Non-verbal communication, language and misunderstandings. Verbal and non-verbal communication
When communicating with others it is very important to use eye contact, to listen to them, use facial expressions, hand/body gestures and have a good body posture.
Although it can be difficult to communicate to those who don’t have speech or possibly have autism etc here are a few tips on how to try make communication with children:
-You can use noises or moves to tell them how to say yes or no for example: clap your hands when you mean yes or want something.
-always sit on the same level it makes it easier to talk and play.
-for eye contact you could put stickers on your head to attract eye contact or use a mirror to look at each other.
-flash cards work for a lot of people. You can use pictures and cards for the children. They can communication through this and tell you what they want or need. Encourage them to point and use them to express what they need. It is important to use just a few at a time.

Ref 16/04/13 by Emma Sterland

It Is also important to allow the person time to talk, to be patient. Don’t correct the person let them correct themselves. Don’t say what you think they are trying to say this can frustrate others and knock their confidence when trying to communicate.
If you haven’t understood or heard what the person had said to you dont pretend you heard it right. Don’t be afraid to ask sorry can you repeat that or you could repeat what you think you heard and ask is that what you said?.
If you still don’t understand you can ask them to show you pictures or a sign to help.

Age/ability appropriate
It is important to communicate for the right age. If very young use…