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Avid about food preparation and gourmet cooking Kathy was discouraged at having to take a trip all over town to gather the supplies and ingredients for straightforward meals; Kathy Kudler has made a decision to open her own epicure food shop. Her visualization of the big plan was to generate a store that supply a wide array of the fresh ingredients as well as a variety of cooking supplies that many chefs use. The combination of fresh foods and supplies is the definite combination of convenience of providing a shopping location that offers a get it all place with practical prices. This plan is what would be a recipe for success. Kathy's vision became a reality in when she opened of the La Jolla store. Her ideas and thoughts were an immediate success and in the years to follow Kudler's branched out with the opening of the newest location in Del Mar. Kudler’s most recent store opened in Encinitas a few years ago in 2003. Kathy’s enjoys what offers the community that the process has begun we are another great spot. Kudler Fine Foods is dedicated to providing their patrons with the most excellent assortment of the very finest foods and wines so that your culinary visions can come true. Kathy would like to thank the patronages at having the opportunity to serve the community. Each one of the stores provides a modern European Style Bakery. For example within the in the early hours of the morning, the bakers will start off their day by making dough and creating fresh breads and pastries including tarts with fresh fruit, loaves, breads and the melt in your mouth croissants in Southern California. In staying with the trends up and with the trends of the market we are offering organic products such as breads and pastries that follow old world recipes and the finest, freshest ingredients organic butter, organic eggs and unbleached flour. Kudler’s baked goods do not contain preservatives or additives. With that being said Kudler would also introduce the implementation of the loyalty points program which motive patron’s sales with free products when specific sale quotes have been met. Kudler Foods does offer a program that tracks patron’s purchases…