Lab Questions Unit 3 Essay

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Kaycee Travis
Forensic Science
Lab Questions Unit 3

1. The main focus of the video was the kidnapping and killing of the Lindbergh baby, which happened in the 1930’s late on night.
2. The evidence left behind was a wooden ladder used for escape. Also, traces of mud were found on the nursery floor. Footprints were found under the window in the nursery.
3. Investigators used the ladder and ransom notes from the kidnapper. The kidnapper had wrote a total of twelve ransom notes. The notes had code names signed at the bottom.
The names were then decoded by a specialist and trace to a man named Bruno
4. The ladder gave forensic scientists a certain type of wood. The way the ladder was made was unusual. Tool marks lead them to a certain pattern made by nail holes. This was checked out by a specialist and the ladder played a major role in finding the kidnapper. 5. It was believed that Hauptmann had accomplices because of the meeting in the cemetery. There was more than one person at the cemetery when ransom money was collected. 6. John was the name of the kidnapper who took the ransom money. He was talking to
Hauptmann when the baby was there. Investigators still think Hauptmann is the culprit because of the handwriting test,
7. His behavior was suspicious and he was untrustworthy of police. He also kept the notes and money hidden and secretive.
8. I think the crime was premeditated; it all seems so well planned out. No fingerprints or…