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Concise and Informative Title that Reflects The Findings of the Experiment
[Arial font; 12 pt, bold, centered)
A. Author and B. Author (MARB 301, Section 40x)
[Arial font; 10 pt, bold, centered]
Texas A&M University at Galveston, Genetics Lab (MARB 301), 200 Seawolf Parkway, Classroom
Laboratory Building, Galveston, TX 77553
Provide a brief summary of your findings in general terms that will entice me to read on 
[Font: Arial, 10 pt*, left aligned]
Up to 100 words.
In your own words provide a general introduction to the experiment, including the objectives and/or questions to be answered as related to the experiment.
Up to 200 words.
Material and Methods
In your own words, briefly describe the methods used for the experiment. You do not need to list all of the materials you used for the experiment at the start of this section. You just need to integrate them into the main body of the methods, mentioning them as they occur in each step. As for the procedure itself, provide a written narrative in past tense.
Up to 200 words.
Results and Discussion
Summarize both the results and most important findings of the experiment. Interpret your results.
Report all measurements and calculations. Here you can use the worksheet questions or what I went over in lab to build this section. The written narrative of the results should be in past tense and the discussion should focus on your interpretation of the results. Here you can use the questions from your worksheet to guide the discussion.
Up to 200 words.
Provide a brief summary statement of the success and/or failure of the experiment. Would you have done anything differently?
Up to 100 words.
Up to 3 references. No word limit. No websites please.
Figures (or Tables)