landing in the hudson river Essay

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Week 4: Comparing the Effects of Language
Look at all three sources. Choose two and compare the effects of language in both the texts.
Give some examples and analyse their effects. (16 marks)

Both sources, ‘landing in the Hudson’ and ‘Questions of city-sized cruise ships’. Use different effects and techniques of language. ‘Questions of city-sized cruise ships’ is a factual article; detailed with facts and statistics which act as evidence for the statements in the case title. The writer of the article uses this to be informative in the article, therefore a good article to read if a person is interested in cruise ships ands and current affairs. Whereas for a younger audience it would be not as interesting and boring to read. The statistics help paint a picture of the issue and help to provide more informative statements to the target audience.
Compared to the other source, from ‘landing on the Hudson river’, the statistics portrayed in the novels extract don’t have the same effect on the reader as it is aimed at a different type of audience. ‘Landing on the Hudson river’ is more of a descriptive piece involving main the thoughts/feelings of the pilot, and writer of the novel, making the reader truly understand the feelings and emotions almost if they were actually there; in this case the audience would be completely shocked and on the edge of their seats of just how a plane was able to be safely landed on the Hudson river, describe in every detail by the pilot. The audience would also be led to feel happiness for the passengers on board and great joy/relief for the captain for