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Reading books for children is a good way to develop the child’s language mainly if you read showing the objects that are mentioned in the story. Making children sit around you is a good idea to encourage them to get involved with other and incentivate their creativity and imagination.
A good way to make children have fun reading books is taking them to the park and give them choice to choose with book they want to hear about. Using face and body and voice expression or maybe use their names to personalize the story. We can use sign language to talk stories to allow all children to follow the steps of the stories.
After you read the book ask their opinion, their likes and dislikes. We can include children who have hearing impairment to this activity; they can see the pictures to have a better understanding of the story.

Role play is about developing speaking and listening skills. Early years children need time to develop their own language.The role play is helps to develop their speaking skills, For example calling to a friend, talking about day to day life. Children choosing activities encourage their own ideas. Taking space is good for children; my turn, your turn, in turning their conversation that is helping to they to learn to wait for their turn to do something. When children are playing role play they could develop their language,creativity and new words.

When they’re playing the role play children develop their understanding of concepts and they understanding of colour,shape, size, time, and number. Children learn to object and problem solving.
They recognize their emotional and social feelings sharing the feeling gather together. The children copying to parents or other role model of story books. For example, Cinderella; they dressing up and show their feeling as the story.

Drama - Dressing Up social
Bandura’s social learning theory said that children learn from one another, via observation imitation and modeling that mean children learn through observing others behaviour and attitude.
Playing with parents children can feel safe and more comfortable. All children have the opportunity to play together; people who are disabled for example people who depends of wheelchair can be included as the director of the playing. We should give chance to children who are shy or disabled to get included

Language is not just about speaking, children also can communica te using music. Music that explain child’s feelings. We can found so many games to play with children that will help them to develop their communication such