Law of Life Essay

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James Dean once said, “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today” I find this quote to ring very true for me as I wake up every morning to begin my day. The time each person has on earth is limited, and by how much no one knows. For this reason I make a personal choice to live my life to the fullest every day while still continuing to look forward to the days to come. Looking forward gives me the chance to dream and make goals for the future. I believe it is more beneficial to live life to the fullest than to live life meaningless and without purpose. I believe it is healthier to love your life and to love yourself so you can succeed in life.
I find this quote very interesting because when I was younger, in elementary school I was always felt different from the rest. I would always get teased and picked on, about the way I dressed, my skin color and even just the way I talk. I always had negative thoughts towards myself which made me be very insecure, and very sensitive. Teachers, Guidance Counselors, and Family were there for me during those tough times, but when you are a kid you want to be accepted by your peers. Every day I did not think positive about anything, I was depressed. While in those dark times I would always dream of how I might be like in the future. I would dream about having the greatest friends and having nice relationships with them. In first grade, my dream came to reality. Her name was Diana Larios, because of her I was becoming more outgoing and I’m thinking positive about everyday life and my self-esteem rose up considerably high. In high school now we have been able to keep this friendship going and it is very strong and we have became inseparable. And I will always remember her coming up to me that one day of school and asking me “Would you like to be friends?”
As of today, I find myself more willing and able to find and make friends easily. I am no longer insecure about myself neither self conscious. I am more confident in myself with the talents I possess. The way I view the world is very different than the way