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Life Law # 1
The first thing that I have learned is to realize that as much as one tries and ignores a troubling situation to avoid a confrontation, it never really is the solution. No one likes to be in an argument or a confrontation. But to control the situation and not letting it gets to the point where one has to get into a nasty argument or a fight, would help resolve the issue in a healthy way. Most of the arguments take place due to lack of communication or frustration caused by the problem one faces. Neglecting the harm caused to you, withholding each and every problem, would only pile up the frustration. It is important to put yourself in a position where important decisions could be made with a positive approach. The only solution to this situation is to think that ‘you’ are important. The problems you are facing are important and need your immediate attention. No one else can help you, unless you help yourself.
The second thing that I have learned is things can go wrong in life. One always thinks that life will always be as simple and smooth, as they expect it to be. These expectations undoubtedly come from the assumption that I have done nothing wrong or done no harm to face an unfortunate situation. But this cannot be the case. Things do go wrong and out of hands. And somewhere it’s you, who let that happen. To live with the assumption of everything is in place and you need not bother for a problem that hasn’t yet troubled you, will only cripple you when it does. Assumptions about consequences of the