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After a couple of weeks in the leadership class and learning so many different point of views of what leadership is and how it gets affected by the environment that the person “leader” is involved, determine the type of leadership that has.

Understanding what a leader is has been the reason of the importance that this class has become for me. To enter the explanation of my understanding what a leader is base of what I learn in class and be able to analyze this hypothetical, first I will start with explaining my definition of leadership. For me a leader is a person that has a vision to what is of great importance, with that able to inspire other to pursue it in a trusty environment having a goal and reach that goal.

To the hypothesis, sometimes we asked ourselves if a leader is born with leadership qualities or a leader can learn to be one. Well I think that a leader becomes a leader affected by life experiences in society, family and professional; with that said cultural contact makes a big impact, embracing cultural diversity as leader does treat everyone as equal no matter what they are, earning the trust needed to influence. In my believe I think that the leader creates a culture where makes the followers or team feel confortable no matter where they come from; more than being individualize by different norms, the leader tries understand where they are coming from into a personal level, without making them uncomfortable.

The reality is that a leader has to