Leadership and Management Essay

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Alex Caprio
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Joanne Orabone
10 Dec 2012

1. Leadership is where individuals motivate and have some type of effect /influence on other people. Leadership focuses on the process of what is happening now rather than later and doing the right thing. For example, someone with leadership qualities will have a positive attitude at work, does the work right themselves and helping people at the same time do improve and gain confidence. Managers are people who see the overall of a company and make sure everything is running smoothly. They solve the problems of the company and how things get done. For example, Managers in a department store are normally upper management like a store manager or shift manager. These managers see what the entire store needs to get done for the day like what needs to be changed and what needs to be put on the shelves. These managers make sure shipments come in on freight trucks and are put out to consumers. If there is a problem with something no being done by an employee or any issue for that matter a manager will take care of it. 2. Physiological need or Basic needs like food, water, air.
Safety needs like security and stability
Belonging and love needs which are family and relationships. If people feel loved at home and have a sense of belonging at home or in any environment they will have a more positive attitude..
Esteem needs like achievement and reputation, a person must have a high self-esteem to feel like they are wanted in the work place and have a sense of worth.

3. Integrity is doing what’s right