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In the current literature review, I will interpret my condition after having read “Leadership and Change” in chapter 6. Firstly, I will identify what the chapter appeals to me and explain it. After that, by using my own experiences in working part time, how does the chapter’s theory apply to me and my work? Finally, I will explain how could I use what have I read to enhance my own leadership of change.

Question 1: Read through the chapter and identify what appeals you and why?
I’ve been working in a multinational direct-selling company before I continue my studies currently. The company’s name is called Amway. Amway is different from any other normal company that sells their product in b2b (buyers to buyers) way. By using a method call multilevel marketing, every person has their own leader, and the leader have another group within a higher level.
The job is simple, we we’re asked to try and use Amway’s product. After using it, try share it to friends and family near us how good is the product.
Every week, there is a meeting within the group discussing and learning new ideas. After every meeting, they kept advise us that being a transactional leader is no better than a transformational leader in a team. The leader wants us to have vision in a far more future rather than doing procedure to procedure.
The main part that we’ve learn in this company is we are more a leadership group work than a management teamwork. The company is teaching us to learn the way by leading people, rather than selling products to other people.

Question 2: Identify how the reading links to your own experiences with real examples

The difference between leadership and management is that leadership is setting a new direction or vision for a group that they follow but management is controlling or directs people/resources in a group according to principles or values that have already been established (reference 1). For future explain the differences, the chart below will compare the management and leadership.

Our leader in the Amway work group leads us in a certain direction. Every week meeting season will group us together work together, it is also a way of having good fun in the meantime too. Leaders motivate and inspire us in order to improve and change our negative behavior.
Leaders in the company advise us that don’t work in an transactional way because it does not have the innovative vision to think ahead but only work as you only can see of. For addition aside from the chapter is given, transactional leadership and transformational leadership is two different kinds of leadership which uses between in a large corporation that do B2C business or direct sales marketing B2C business concept. Below is a list of differences of transactional leadership and transformational leadership. * Transaction Leadership

Leaders are aware of the link between the effort and reward | Leadership is responsive and its basic orientation is dealing with present issues | Leaders rely on standard forms of inducement, reward, punishment and sanction to control followers | Leaders motivate followers by setting goals and promising rewards for desired performance | Leadership depends on the leader’s power to reinforce subordinates for their successful completion of bargain |

Leaders arouse emotions in their followers which motivates them to act beyond the framework of what may be describe as exchange relations | Leadership is proactive and forms new expectations in followers | Leaders are distinguished by their capacity to inspire and provide individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation and idealized influence to their followers | Leaders create learning opportunities for their followers and stimulate followers to solve problems | Leaders possess good visioning, rhetorical and management skills, to develop strong emotional bonds with followers | Leaders motivate followers to work for goals that go beyond