Essay on Leadership and Management

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ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management:

|Centre Number: |R31609 |
|Centre Name: |Leeds Metropolitan Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Centre |
|Student Name: |Alexandra Hunt |
|Leeds Met Student ID: |33251825 |
|Student Date of Birth: |15/01/1991
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Your reflection |
| |should be based on what previous team members have fed back to you (approximately 100 words) |
|At university currently we are participating in a module called consultancy project, whereby as group we have to write a report, research and offer |
|recommendations to a real life client. Over the 4 months we have had 2 peers assessments and my feedback fits into the empowering leadership style, I have |
|gained 100% commitment from the client and my team, I have motivated all my team members giving them guidance and reassurance when writing the report and |
|they do trust my decisions that I have made. |
| |
|Assessment Criteria: |Describe appropriate actions to enhance own leadership behaviour in the context of the particular leadership model |
|Question 4: |Describe at least 2 appropriate actions to enhance your own leadership behaviour in the context of a leadership model