Leadership: Need and Experience Essay

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As I looked back I found that there were a few experiences that marked turning points in my life. The first one would be when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I also felt that this event is when I transitioned me from being a child to an adult. I had help out more especially with the family business. This required me going on a daily basis and acting as the temporary manager when my parents were at the hospital. It also lead me to do my undergraduate degree at the University of the Hawaii. I was admitted into their seven year pharmacy program. At that point I want to go into the healthcare industry. I guess it might have been some way for me to cope with what was happening in my life.
The second experience is when I took a business law class during my last semester in college. It was the first class that I thoroughly enjoyed. I knew at this point that I did not want to do pharmacy and this class opened the door to another avenue for me to pursue. After this class, I thought about becoming a lawyer. And for the next year I took the LSAT and spoke with different attorneys to get a better insight into the profession.
The third experience would be when I was the convener of a Regional Conference. This conference holds a special place in my heart because it represents a defining moment in my life. At this point, I knew that I did not want to be a lawyer and I felt confused in what was the next step in my life. This role put me into a position where I had to make executive decisions and plan a conference that would host over 80 delegates. I began this role as the convener with no confidence and a feeling of disarray because it did not seem like I had a plan for my future. But coming out of the conference I felt renewed because I knew that I could do anything that I set my mind too. For the first time, I felt passion for something and this event led me to take to the GMAT and apply for MBA School.
The fourth experience which has proved to be a turning point is being in the MBA program . For the first time, I am enjoying my classes and I can see a future for myself after receiving my degree. I am being