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Learning Reflection Four
Growing up I got into trouble quite a bit at school. My teachers said that I didn’t care about school work, and I always seemed to be off in my own little world. The second part of that sentence was accurate. I have always been curious, and I have an innate desire to learn more, about almost anything really.
Growing up there were two fields of work that I wanted to get into. My first choice was to be a missionary in Africa. Not only because I have a real love for the people and the continent, and not only because they have so many needs, more than you can count. But also because it would be the adventure of a lifetime. My second choice was to be a photographer for National Geographic. The two factors that these have in common is adventure. To me, an adventure is trying something new, or learning something new.
Now that I am in my mid-thirties, a wife and a step-mom, the likely hood of taking off on an adventure to Africa is pretty slim. But that does not mean that I should give up on my quest for adventure. I can do that right here in Portland, Oregon. A year ago I started the adventure of school. Not only to advance in my career, but because I had the desire to learn. In addition to what I will be learning in school, I would like to make a commitment to myself to ask more open-ended questions.
I started school last year with the goal of becoming a project manager. I had a very specific goal in mind. I’ve grown in the past…