Learning Theory Applied to Health Care Essay

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Learning Theory Applied to Health Care The purpose of this paper is to discuss a learning theory with application to a teaching-learning situation in health care. This paper will focus on the social learning theory and its application to the teaching-learning process in nursing. I will explore a clear definition of the theory and present the main concepts. Lastly, I will apply my knowledge of the social learning theory by describing how I use it in a health care setting when educating student nurses during senior practicum.
Definition of the Social Learning Theory and its Contributor The social learning theory suggests that people learn new behaviors through observation of factors in their environment, by taking note of other’s
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At the outset of the practicum I want to be aware of the student’s personal characteristics, including their perception, interpretation, motivation and response to their own learning. I find out what their learning objectives and goals are and build on their current level of knowledge and on their previous experiences by asking questions and presenting the student with the opportunity to ask me questions. By doing so I begin building a rapport and trusting relationship in which the student can feel secure and supported. Seifert and Sutton (2009) state that most students value their relationships with their teachers and benefit from the positive support the relationship provides. I begin role modeling by having the student shadow me. This teaches time management, patient care, rapport with staff, self-confidence, self-regulation, self-efficacy, self-evaluation, and competence. Throughout the practicum I observe and conference with the student to assess their retention and reproduction of what I have modeled, as well as any gaps in learning and give corrective feedback as needed. I continually assess the student’s motivation to learn, being aware that this is influenced by vicarious reinforcement. I show this through my