Left Hanging: A Short Story

Words: 590
Pages: 3

Left Hanging “Do you want to go to the dock with me?”asked Candice, “it’ll be fun.” She started to pull my arm towards her. The lake felt like rain on a hot summers day. “Is it mucky? I am scared of muck and seaweed,” I said walking alongside her . “I’m terrified of sinking in muck and not being able to move. I get scared of getting my legs caught in the seaweed and being pulled down and drowning.” But as soon as I said that I felt the slimy muck swurling around my feet I was slowily starting to sink. I started to panic. I froze like a deer in headlights. Staring blankly at me, Candice asked ,” What’s wrong?” “I steping in muck! HELP ME! COME GET ME NOW PLEASE!” I started to yell. Looking down I start to see my feet slow getting deeper and deeper into the muck. …show more content…
So I do. With me on her name she treads water to the dock. “Grab onto the wood and hold yourself up,” Candice exclaimed. The wood looked old and wet. I had doubt that it would hold me but it did. After I had gotten a good hold on the dock with my feet hovering over the water, Candice walked away and left me there. She had went back and started to swim.
“Where are you going?” I tried to pull my self up but the board above was to wobbly for my to get a good grip on