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Fill in the Blank.
1. . The Active Directory database is stored on each domain controller in a file called ntds.dit.
2. The Active Directory forest is considered the security boundary for an Active Directory environment.
3. To provide fault tolerance, Active Directory utilizes a multimaster (n) replication model.
4. To create a trust relationship with an NT4 domain, you will configure a (n) external trust.
5. The Domain naming context is replicated across the domain.
6. The Designate Name of an Active Directory object identifies its location within the directory structure.
7. A n) Cross-Forest provides a two- way transitive trust relationship between all domains within two forests.
8. Each domain in an Active Directory forest has a(n) two-way trust relationship with every other domain in a forest
9. Universal Group Caching allows a user at a remote site to be able to log into Active Directory without needing to contact a global catalog server.
10. Active Directory clients rely on SRV Records in DNS to locate Active Directory resources such as domain controllers and global catalog servers
Multiple Choice
1. Which of the following items is a valid leaf object in Active Directory?
a. Domain b. User c. Application partition d. OU
2. Which of the following domain controllers can be joined to a forest that is currently set at the Windows Server 2008 forest functional level?
a. Windows 2000 b. Windows Server 2003 c. Windows Server 2008 d. Windows NT 4.0
3. You are planning an Active Directory implementation for a company that currently has sales, accounting, and marketing departments. All department heads want to manage their own users and resources in Active Directory. What feature will permit you to set up Active Directory to allow each manager to manage his or her own container but not any other containers?
a. Delegation of control b. Read- Only Domain Controller
c. Multimaster replication d. SRV records
4. What is required by DNS for Active Directory to function?
a. Dynamic update support b. DHCP forwarding support
c. SRV records support d. Active Directory integration
5. If the user named Amy is located in the sales OU of the central. cohowinery. com domain, what is the correct syntax for referencing this user in a command- line utility?
a. amy.…