Geography lesson 1 Essay

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Lesson One Homework

1. Discuss the problems that “geographic illiteracy” can present to a country such as the United States in the Twenty-First Century. Give examples of the need for geographic knowledge in diverse areas such as international politics, domestic politics, economics, and popular culture. Geographic Illiteracy by definition is not having geographic knowledge. For example, not being to point out where the United States is on the map or where the Pacific Ocean is located. Geographic Illiteracy can cause many problems to a country such as the United States in the Twenty First century because it is crucial for the upcoming generation to know what and where situations are arising in the world. As the undisputed global
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The City of Dallas is a functional region as most people commute from the surrounding smaller cities to go to work, school and for other activities. The central dart train emits from there and helps with transportation. It is also the hub of most legal and political offices. The IRS office is located there and the metro is centrally located for the ease of surrounding suburbs. Dallas is also a functional region because it shares a main airport between the cities.
5. Briefly describe the difference between expansion and relocation diffusion. Give several example of each. Expansion diffusion is the spread of an innovation or an idea through a population in an area in such a way that the number of those influenced grows continuously larger, resulting in an expanding area of dissemination while relocation diffusion is a diffusion process in which the items being diffused are transmitted by their carrier agents as they evacuate the old areas and relocate the new ones. Examples of expansion diffusion would be the introduction of a new style of clothing or hair style or the introduction of internet and TV. Examples of relocation diffusion would be religion like Islam which started in Mecca and when the Muslims moved to Madinah they took the new religion with